Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Progress has been slow the past few weeks due to family commitments, etc.
However the hull is now finished and sanded. The hole in the hull is provision for a viewing panel. Initially I thought of using polycarbonate but at R 1 000.00/m2 - and considering that it will be scratched - I'm thinking of using Perspex.

Sanding the internal curves of the cockpit area is problematic. For the moment I'm using a drum sander on the drill but the surface will have to be smoothed-out manually after glassing (for extra rigidity) due to the inevitable uneven surface that the drum sander creates. (I wonder how busy my wife will be at that time.)

The next step would be the fitting of the external stems and stripping-up the deck. That will have to wait for the new year after our holiday in the Western Cape

My wife and I went out on Durban bay on Sunday between 6am and 9am on our Stealth Supalites in near perfect conditions but I found the absence of an urinal in the kayak absolutely painfull. Something to consider when I design the seat for the wooden Evo. On the other hand, a "Sta-Soft" bottle would suffice, I suppose.

Weight at this stage: 7kg

Hours spent: 70

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